First off, I’m just a regular guy that really really likes sex, loves the female body and has learned A LOT about the female orgasm. I’m not the guy that has had 20 sexual partners and can pickup and take home any girl he wants from the grocery store. But I learned years ago what women enjoy in the bedroom, and then quickly discovered I LOVED watching and feeling them come to orgasm. But recently, I was determined to learn how to make a girl squirt. I had no problems at all in giving a girl a g spot or clitoral orgasm. But it was something about watching women squirting that had me intrigued, so I had to learn more.

After 38 years, I had no idea my body could do the things that it does because of how you touch me…
Lucky for me, I have a girlfriend that was equally curious (and doubtful) that she would ever have a squirting orgasm. Not to brag, but our sex life is something that isn’t even in the books. We will cover more about this later, but for now the premise of the site is to help others learn more about female orgasm techniques,
female ejaculation and of course women squirting.

The premise of this site is not to offer porn videos of girls squirting, but very very valuable tips and to educate guys (and girls) on the female body and how to drive them absolutely crazy. I’m talking about screaming your name, sheet soaking crazy.

I’m not even going to try and sell you a dozen things, clutter the site with useless ads and turn this into another porn website

This site is COMPLETELY free

No memberships


Ran by an average guy, with some great advice

Trust me, most women don’t even know their bodies can do what you are about ready to learn.