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How Do I Squirt

How Do I Squirt?

How Do I SquirtSo you have asked yourself “How Do I Squirt?”  We have had several comments and viewpoints from the angle of “How to MAKE a girl squirt” but not as much on what has to happen from the female side of things….. which is a HUGE shift.

But let me tell you….. ITS NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK You just have to know that physically, the female orgasm is different than what you have grown up experiencing. I keep going back to the videos, The Female Blueprint, from Jason Julius that have taught us oh so much over these past 3 years. I’m telling you that was the best $$ we have ever spent, and lets face it, it really isn’t a lot of money.

My girlfriend has now watched 2 of his videos and can now squirt literally anytime she wants. And I’m talking about soaking the sheets wet. I want to add to this that she would have absolutely NO problem at all having an orgasm. Matter of fact, she was the first truly multi-orgasmic girl that I had ever experienced. And she SWORE that she would never be able to squirt because she had “tried” time and time again and….. nothing. We LOVE using toys, vibrators, cremes and even though the sex was off the charts (I’m talking about our bodies getting to a point of nearly shutting down with pleasure) we had never experienced a squirting orgasm.

One of the first secrets that we learned was about the deep spot or as we have wrote in other post “The A-Spot” I know, I had NEVER heard about this before and this was coming from a guy who LOVES learning about the female orgasm and has read his fair shares about sex and different positions and techniques. Slide your fingers inside slowly up past her g-spot and finding a “pocket” and then what I could only refer to as a bump.  For a reference, this is about as deep as my fingers could go. Which is why you need to use lube. But take your finger and circle the bump. Try different motions but this will not take long. You can feel the vaginal muscles start to shift and she will literally push your fingers out of her. DO NOT try to stop this, but rather pull them out and get ready to be blown away.

I know you stumbled on my little blog wondering how do I squirt, but you have to trust a guy that has experienced some truly AMAZING things, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe to The Female Blueprint by Jason Julius. He has taught us more about squirting orgasm techniques than anything we have ever read before. And CLEARLY asnswers and demonstrates the question you had of How Do I squirt…

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