The G-Spot

How to find the g spot and female orgasms

The groundwork to find the g spot and mind blowing female orgasms…

OK, I chose to start the first post on this site off with something that I was actually surprised to learn that a LOT of men do not actually know where or what the g spot area is on a woman. As a younger guy, I was lucky enough to have a girlfriend that let me explore her body and let me try different things to see what she liked best.

But before I go into the physical “where” is this elusive g spot, let me first start off that you almost have to work backwards with a woman to bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. For a woman, the key to arousal is the exact opposite from a man. Guys, a girl can put her hand on your thigh and we are hard in seconds. For a woman, it starts the mind, and then flows into the physical. She HAS to trust you and feel completely comfortable to achieve the highest level of orgasm. Now, obviously this isn’t true of 100% of the woman out there, but for most if you stimulate her mind you are half way to taking control of her body.

Lets start with the outside parts first. The g spot is located between 1-3” inside and up inside of the vagina. There are a ton of videos out there. Most are pretty poorly done, but I have found this g spot video to be the best. Now knowing where the area is located, you have to know what you are feeling for.  Some people refer to it as a “spongy” feel, but it is going to swell up when a woman becomes aroused and although it is referred to as a “spot” it is actually an area that is maybe am inch wide and approx 1-2” long. Making sure your fingernails and cuticles are trimmed, explore that area and communicate with your girl to see what feels the best.  I start with one finer, and then MAYBE move to using two, but personally never needed or felt the need to use more than two fingers.

Now that I found the g spot, what the hell do I do???

My approach to this area is that I start with very slow movements back and forth. YOU DO NOT need to apply a lot of pressure, but start moving your finger in the motion like you are telling someone to “come here” with your pointer or middle finger.  Mix your motions up and be aware of your girls reaction, she will let you know what she likes. I like finding the right spot, and then circling my fingers and mixing it up. THIS IS NOT slamming your fingers as hard as you can in and out of her, but more of concentrating on that area and what she likes.

Becoming superman…

After you learn what she likes, you can now control her entire body. When you get a woman to this point where all you are doing is focusing on her, what she likes and just pleasuring her…. You control her entire body and mind.  With your finger(s) inside, take your tongue and now start lightly licking on her clitoris (clit) I can promise you this, if she has not had an orgasm yet, she will after your tongue starts working.

Women want to “FEEL” sexy. They want to feel like they are a goddess, and fellas… your girl IS a goddess. Tell her how incredible she looks. Tell her how good she smells. Tell her how incredible she taste when you are down there. If you are working towards her first orgasm, you can also sloooooow down what you are doing and pull back a bit and tell her how sexy she looks, tell her how incredible it is to watch her have an orgasm. REMEMBER, you have to control the mind before you are going to control her body.  Don’t just say this stuff in a superficial tone. Girls can read through that shit and its game over dude.

I hope some of this helps you guys to not only finding the g spot, but bring your girl to many mind blowing orgasms. Once she has her first, you can work to giving a girl multiple orgasms and trust me, SHE will!!!

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